Jul 242011

The OF played awe inspiring music in Roslin yesterday. Started with a story about the hermit crab in the tidle zone liking french fries too much -like crack , but the seguls were a bad thing…
The music took me on an adventure seemingly inspired from Frank Zappa and Jim Morison to jerry Garcia. The solos and chord changes moved through many dynamic changes and rythyms. Inspite the ‘trainwreck’ on the last song it was a memoriable performance – the Whiskey and pills stuck with me allong with visions of the rainbows of music. Bass playing with a collander upside down using the symbol for strumming.

Jul 242011

John and TommyTommy and Kip were in great form, well the whole band rocked the town at the outdooor jam session. John’s Bass playing from a generation of experience and then turning around to play an outstanding performance on guitar with The OF. The sound was great and the music perfect. People blocks away were mentioning the music.


Jun 192010

CryingSpell at ShowboxSODO 6-18-10These guys are one of the best up and coming bands in Seattle. Their lead vocal has an incredible voice- rarely found. Sounding like a mix between David Bowie and REM with a new wave euro-twist. This is a really tight band with a creatively held back sound and powerful vocals.
Definitely a band worth seeing_ and watching. Hoping they make it on the charts. I reccommend buying the CD, it’s outstanding.

Dec 092009

If your band is listed.   A Blog for that band can be made.  Media – pictures, audio,video can be posted.

Music Pic
Sound sample

Nov 202009

The new blog site is up.